Accident investigation related to the use of chainsaw


  • Sirio Rossano Secondo Cividino |
  • Rino Gubiani
  • Gianfranco Pergher
  • Daniele Dell’Antonia
  • Emiliano Maroncelli


Operating in woods might be highly dangerous as it takes place in hard environments because of slopes, uneven ground and the presence of the underwood that may prevent machines and operators from moving. The chainsaw is a widely-used tool in agriculture, in forestry as well as for professional and hobby-related purposes. This article has the aim to highlight the state of injuries both for professional and domestic uses. The research focused on web-based report of news published between 2007 and 2012 about mortal and non-mortal accidents occurred in Italy and involving people who were using a chainsaw. On the whole, 336 cases were collected over a 5-year period. The results of the work are represented by a series of thematic maps related to the causative agent, the age of the injured and the seat of the injury. Furthermore, it is confirmed that the operator’s head is the most exposed area of the body and is often correlated with the death of the operator (death is often due to collision against the chainsaw blade, facial traumas as well sudden contact with parts of the plant). The study shows the dangers of chainsaw. Even workers experts are involved in serious injury and death. The study highlights the needing of looking for technical solutions and specific procedures for training unskilled worker.



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chainsaw, forestry, safety.
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Cividino, S. R. S., Gubiani, R., Pergher, G., Dell’Antonia, D., & Maroncelli, E. (2013). Accident investigation related to the use of chainsaw. Journal of Agricultural Engineering, 44(s2).