Published: 30 September 2007
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This work has analysed the principal risks for workers, with respect to current legislation, resulting from noise, microclimate and other risks related to the production system and use of machinery, in a number of dairies having similar production systems and capacities. Noise emission values fell within the range for which current directives require the employer to inform his workers on the risks related with noise production. Measurements of the microclimate have identified different situations that depend on the workers’ clothing and activity. In the transformation area workers experience a comfortable environment during the winter which tends to be slightly hot during summer. In the latter case it is necessary to improve the ventilation system of the area since little could be done to improve the clothing. During packaging the lower rates of metabolic energy utilization, result in a slightly cold environment during winter while being still hot in summer. In the former case it is necessary to act on the clothing while in the latter intervention on the ventilation system is required. With respect to the maturing areas heavier clothing is necessary. Other risks related to the machinery used, the workplace and the behaviour of the workers have been identified. In particular, the lack of use of adequate P.P.E.s during different activities has been observed. This makes it necessary for the employer to give the necessary importance to the education and training of the workers.



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Porceddu, P. R. and Babucci, V. (2007) “ANALYSIS OF THE MAIN RISK FACTORS FOR WORKERS’ SAFETY IN SOME DAIRIES”, Journal of Agricultural Engineering, 38(3), pp. 9–15. doi: 10.4081/jae.2007.3.9.