Real-time straw moisture content detection system for mobile straw granulator

Published: 26 March 2024
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In order to improve the molding rate of biomass particles extruded by ring mold of the mobile straw granulator, a real-time straw moisture content detection system based on frequency was designed in this paper. The detection system comprised the frequency based acquisition devices and the supporting circuits, and support vector regression based calculation method. The acquisition device contained a soil separation cylinder and a signal detection chamfer. The soil separation cylinder was used to remove the soil from the straw. The moisture of the straw was transformed into the relatively stable frequency for detection, but the temperature can affect the Brownian movement of free water. Hence, the designed signal detection chamfer mainly contained a frequency sensor and a temperature sensor. The proposed calculation method blended the frequency and temperature to acquire the accurate moisture of the straw. A water replenishment module was also designed to verify the effectiveness of the detection system, and it was used to supply water to the straw when it becomes too dry. The system was verified in the experimental plots and field. The actual moisture content was obtained by 105°C drying method. The results obtained in the experiment plots showed that the detectable moisture content range was between 9.09% to 46.68%, the maximum detection error was less than 0.44%, and the average absolute error was less than 0.33%, and the molding rate could reach approximately 94%. The results obtained in the fieldd showed that the average molding rate achieved was 93.57% and 89.76% for straws with moisture content of about 20% and 15%, respectively. The detection system comprehensively takes into account the influence of temperature and soil on moisture content and can effectively improve the working efficiency of the mobile straw granulator.



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