Design and experiment of brush-roller ginkgo leaf picker for the dwarf dense planting mode

Published: 25 October 2023
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At present, ginkgo leaves are still picked manually. A brush roller ginkgo leaf picker has been designed to improve harvesting efficiency and reduce losses caused by manual failure to pick leaves in time under large-scale planting areas. The ginkgo leaf picker is mainly composed of crawler chassis, gantry frame, brush roller picking parts, and collecting box. The kinematics of the brush roller are analyzed for the picking omission situation. An experimental platform for picking ginkgo biloba leaves was established. Three parameters, namely roller speed, moving speed, and roller inclination were selected for optimization. Then the maximum net harvest rate and the minimum damage rate were achieved. The orthogonal test showed that when the roller speed was 130 rev/min, the moving speed was 0.25 m/s, and the roller inclination was 32°, the picking effect was the best, the net harvest rate was 93.32%, the damage rate was 1.42%, and the damage degree of the trunks was slight. The experiment proved that the brush-roller ginkgo leaf picker has a good picking effect, which can provide a reference for the optimization design of ginkgo leaf harvesting machinery under the dwarf dense planting mode.



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